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Amos 4D Blocks Bears Beach House

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Weight: 47.97oz


There are novelty 4D gummies definitely hit your circle of friends. Gummies would be bulit into house, which is never see before. The vivid building is fun and yummy. Go ahead, have a try.


Amos sweets beach house is made up of 4D gummy blocks, 4d gummy bears, 4d gummy peachs and basic stucture. You can choice bulid house according to attached detail instruction or creat unique imagined world.


>Contains Real Strawberry Juice, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice. Set Funny, Healthy and Yummy into one bag. Mixed classical LEGO bricks, 3d gummy bears and peach rings,which offer a variety of options, every bite was flavorful.


Make your family bonding time enjoyable and yummy with our awesome 4D gummy block beach house box. Perfect gift for LEGO lover or guys have sweet teeth. Great for decoration, parties, special events.


3lb in total. ( 2.56lb of gummy blocks, 0.22lb of gummy bears, 0.22lb of peach rings) The whole building of gummy house would be only used 1LB of gummy blocks, so you can bulid and enjoy gummy at same time. Warm Tip:Remember wearing disposable gloves.